About | My Account | Contact 888.232.0226, Inc. is a privately held legal publishing company located in Harvard, Massachusetts. The company was founded in 1989 by Christopher Dahlstrom, an attorney. Chris still manages the operations of the company.

The company’s first product was the Litigator’s Pocket Diary™, a leather bound diary containing federal court rules and appointment calendar. In 1994, we began our popular line of annual paperback “booklets” — the Federal Civil Rules Booklet and the U.S. Bankruptcy Code & Rules Booklet. These books are published in December of each year, just after new rule changes take effect. They are a fraction of the price charged by other publishers. They are used by law firms, schools, bar associations, government agencies, and businesses throughout the United States.

We closely monitor the Federal rule making process and developments in Congress that may impact the rules and select portions of the U.S. code. When significant changes occur, we publish special edition books such as our “black line” version of the bankruptcy code, The New E-Discovery Rules, the New United States Patent Law, and the Duke Conference Amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.